Barbecue can mean two things to me, out on the deck with the family and some homemade sirloin burgers, or it can mean a developed flavor from wet and dry marinades or sauces. Barbecuing without the influence of marinades and sauces really means grilling to me. I know, your still doing it on the barbecue, but the flavor you are trying to achieve is a cleaner flavor of the grill.
“In this recipe there is no grilling on the open flame, but when you experience the smoky flavor with the zing, you think and taste Barbecue.”
Braised Short ribs
2 kg of 2 by 8 inch pieces
1 bottle of QGourmet Smokey BBQ Cooking Sauce 2 sliced onions

In large surfaced pot, heat 2 oz of vegetable oil. Caramelize the ribs until golden and remove from heat. Repeat this step three times in total: we wish to achieve total caramelizing without burning the protein. Once the ribs are removed for third and final time, add the onions to the pot and cook until they are translucent. Place the ribs in a 4 inch hotel pan and cover with the onions, then cover with the ribs with the BBQ sauce and cover pan with tight fitting foil. Braise the ribs in a preheated 325’ degrees oven for four hours or until tender. When the doneness is perfected, separate ribs from sauce and remove bones from ribs. Pull the rib meat with a fork to create strand texture. Set the ribs and sauce to cool in a proper container. Use the Qgourmet Smokey BBQ Cooking Sauce to reheat the rib meat.