Truffles….It Tastes li...

Feb 06, 2010 Written by admin

A truffle is a very powerful delectable. I am not talking about chocolate truffles; those are not true truffles. I am talking about the found in the ground; with a trained pig; looks like fungus – type of truffle. How do you know if you have ever had the real thing? There’s only one way […]

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Which kind of Truffle ar...

Dec 06, 2009 Written by admin

Truffles. Yum. When you have a full untouched box, the world is yours.  A parking ticket isn’t as bad.  The parents don’t seem to be screaming as loudly.  Hell, even your homework seems exciting. Yes, the truffle is the ultimate comfort food.  It makes everything better.  It’s chocolate, French and comes in a fancy box you’ll […]

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