I love everything about Christmas morning! So much in fact that Christmas morning for me starts the night before. Whether I’m making my pastry for my incredible Stilton Quiche that I only bake on Christmas morning, or getting pure cocoa from Jamaica prepped for Coco Tea (made from the actual cocoa bean in raw form).

This Christmas breakfast I added side bacon to the Stilton quiche and made home made scones. They were so good!
What made them priceless was that they were home made. Not from-a-box home made, from-scratch home made. As with all hand made products it’s the flaws that make it endearing. I used heavy cream and tripled the required butter (a slight mistake from misreading the line on the butter marker), however the result was heaven. They were little dollops of heaven. Steaming from the oven, we devoured them with double English cream and raspberry plum jam.