Most adults have tried coffee in their life time; warm and energizing are two simple put characteristics of this well known beverage. Ever wondered why when you visit your favorite café, the coffee there seems so excellent, heavenly almost, but when you purchase your own and you go home to have that lovely smoothing beverage, the taste in your mouth is just not what you expected?

Well maybe your favorite café has some secret remedy? Or, you may have just bought a kind of coffee that does not arouse your palate. One leading international coffee company brand has a collection of over 110 coffee selections. 110! With choices varying based of the different roasting levels of the beans (blonde, medium, and dark), regular or decaf, whole bean or ground, flavored or unflavored. So, fellow foodies, what are the odds that you just might be drinking coffee that’s not compatible with your taste buds or body?

Fortunately, we are aware of this and feel compelled to help, after all, coffee is enriched with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, on that note lets’ find out how you can choose the best coffee for you.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. What flavor am I most drawn to?

Flavor Choices: Savory, Fruity, Toasted, Caramelized

Tip: Think of your favorite foods. What flavors and ingredients draw you to them?

2. What sensation do I like on my palate?

Sensation Choices: Crisp, Smooth, Lingering

Tip: Sensation describes the way the coffee feels on your tongue and palate.

3. How intense do you like your coffee?

Intensity: Subtle & Soft, Medium & Balanced, Intense & Robust

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you in choosing the best coffee for you. So read the labels of the package, if you don’t like your coffee strong, don’t go for beans that are roasted dark. Or if you prefer another aroma than the coffee, for whatever the reason, consider a flavored coffee. No one knows what you like the way you do, even your favorite café spot which seemingly makes the best coffee. So, now that you have your secret to finding you that perfect cup of warm goodness.

Go find your coffee Foodies!