French Antique Monogram Bed LinensThere are three things I love to do in bed; sleep, eat, and smile. All three involves a plush existence on top, in between and all-round something French, refined, rich and yes I will admit, old.

I collect a few things; old English china, cuff-links (which includes a stunning sterling one from the 70’s that was owned by Hugh Hefner), and vintage French textiles.

My passion for vintage linens comes from the sheer beauty in the softness and texture of the fabric and the intriguing shades of beautifully aged patina in good vintage linen. Exceptional quality French linen ages like no other. My heart races at the mention of French linens which are my favourite, followed by Belgian linens.

Like wine and cheese, good linen grows better with age. The fabric becomes softer and more refined with age, it feels like what could be 2000 thread count or more…and in this finess I love to sprawl nibbling on…some decadent treat, or even my simple bowl of frosted flakes. Amongst the cool French sheets its heaven.

There is nothing quite the feel of cool linen. In any season it brings a sense of luxury, especially mixing different textures. Mixing delicate light linen voile….with a damask, creates a luxurious, and tranquil romantic feel.

The natural texture of linen lends itself to faded pattern and soft colour and with age the look and feel is simply stunning.