It delights my heart to entertain. It’s how I got in the food business. I love guests. Especially ones that cook!

Recently, my dear friend and Q Gourmet executive chef Ray Bear came to town for a business trip. My eagerness to host him had ulterior motives. I envisioned daily meals prepared by Ray, and I even planned a little party of 20.

To my dismay Ray was busy every moment with meetings. On the last day while driving back home so he could pack and leave, I commented how sad I was that he had not even boiled water during his stay. Looking at my sad face with the single tear rolling down my cheek (slight exaggeration) he said “ok Nadine I have two hours I will make you dinner before leaving for the airport, what do you feel for?” Well I said, it would be nice to have some risotto, maybe just a mushroom one as you don’t have the time, but you know lobster risotto is my favourite….and you do such a great sea bass…”

The quality I adore about Ray, he loves to please and does not disappoint(in the kitchen).

Not content to simply cook up a ‘mortal’ meal, he created a decadent masterpiece.

The Michelin star worthy meal comprised of a lobster risotto, bursting with flavour, he then he placed on top of the risotto a grilled tender, light melt-in-your- mouth Sea Bass, sprawled across the sea bass was a layer of baked spaghetti squash mixed with butter, and the finish, crispy delicious bacon.

It was outstanding, decadent, and delicious!

So if you ever find yourself invited to my house. Just know that you better bring your A game to the kitchen.