One area of my job I love is presenting our Indulgent Foodie Hamper filled with goodies to a Foodie. Richard PR Writer Extraordinairerecently received an Indulgent Foodie hamper. The following are his comments, verbatim:
“Tried the truffle oil on my morning eggs–very potent. Of course had the Blue Mountain this morning and am flying now…off to reggae heaven. Tried the plum marinade on my bagel, an excellent product. Tasted the barbecue marinade: now that’s something special, as you presented it.”

The day after….

“I have used the olive/plum marinades on veggies, and also the squeezable hot sauce on greens. The Blue Mountain coffee needs no introduction. I put ol’ Smokey on chicken which already had jerk marinade and my lady friend of that evening was very impressed. Thebalsamic reduction on eggs and in salads is quite something and that truffle oil is strong!!!”

We aim to please, and if it impresses the lady friend of the evening, that’s added bonus!