The buzz is on as Chef Guy Mitchell, guest executive chef to the the White House, makes his way around the room. He is a the Canadian embassy in Washington to sample some of the offerings of 60 Canadian food industry delegates invited to present their specialities. I hear he might be selecting some ingredients for tonight’s formal dinner at the White House. When I hear the menu is going to be seafood, I am confident our delicious sauces have an excellent chance to be selected. Why? Q Gourmet sauces are from the recipies of one of Canada’s top chefs, who was born and raised in theMaritime province, home to not just Canada’s but some of the worlds best seafood.


Chef Guy Mitchell, eventually gets to my table. He’s proceeded by his lovely and gorgeous partner Karen. Guy inquires about the sauces and then the moment comes when he takes the tasting spoon and dips it into the Smokey BBQ sauce. He places it in his mouth. I wait for the response. What happens is magical (as italways is when someone tastes this exquisite sauce).

The fragrant scent of the perfectly blended ingredients sets the stage for the taste. It starts with the blend of fresh tomatoes, evensmokiness, a slight hint of smooth heat and a complex robust flavour from the aged balsamic vinegar that completes the mix. Like a fine wine this sauce gets better with age. Chef Mitchell then comments, “this sauce is stunning. Absolutely amazing. Lets use this for tonight’sdinner”.

I couldn’t agree more.