Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ve decided to forgo the sole latte in favour of oatmeal. After trying a variety from Quaker, premium organic, and store brand instant, I’ve fallen for the Peaches and Cream Flavour Private Label brand.

When warmed with milk the little pouch “made with whole grain oats” comes alive, even the dried peaches seem to take on a life to it. And the creaminess, very becoming of an instant cereal, is delicious it tastes like condensed milk has been added. All you Jamaicans out there can relate to this. There’s nothing like condensed milk on cereal, and many other things for that matter.

The sad disappointment is the ingredient dec. My goodness I’ve never seen such scientific language; sulfer dioxide, sodium sulphite, annatto color, creaming agent (what is a creaming agent anyway?) modified so and so, diglycerides, di phospate, tricalciup phostate, tocopherols, pyridoxane something or the other, and the list goes on and on and on.

With the push toward organic and all natural food choices from consumers I’m surprised this kind of product makes the grade and unto the supermarket shelves. As product placement specialists who fight the battle daily to add better for you choices to our retailer’s shelves, this is disappointing. That there is some buyer out there in retail land that would agree this kind of ingredients in a product for their assortment, to offer their customers.

As Adrian Ferran states “what do you expect from fast food, when you pay such a small amount”. So my brilliant oatmeal is filled with chemicals, what can I expect $1.99 for 10 pouches?