Supermarket Chicken with...

Nov 21, 2009 Written by admin

When in a rush, I admit it right here, sometimes I cheat . One of my favourite easy to do recipe is to get a store bought rotisserie chicken (we all know about them, the ones the supermarket make on site in the in-store rotisserie that truly lacks flavour). Add one cup of Chaloner Plum and […]

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White House tries Q Gour...

Jul 06, 2009 Written by admin

Canada’s Q Gourmet Smokey Barbecue Sauce Wins Hearts and Minds in Washington, D.C. Toronto, ON, July 6, 2009 – When Toronto food entrepreneur Nadine Spencer traveled to Washington, D.C. recently to demonstrate her wildly popular Q Gourmet Smokey Barbecue cooking sauce at the Canadian Embassy, little could she imagine what would happen next. Her sauce […]

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