The enticing aroma of te...

Sep 28, 2011 Written by admin

There are few things in life like the soothing and tranquilizing aroma of tea, especially after a stressful day – or just because you like the fabulousness of it. No wonder why in so many countries, tea turns into an aromatic and tasty party every afternoon. From Asian to European cafés, restaurants and even Super Markets; […]

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Category: Healthy Food
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Pourquoi Pas? French Lav...

Jun 17, 2010 Written by admin

Last week sitting on my balcony hi in the sky I missed my garden, especially the lavender section. Memories of my favorite lavender lemonade filled my mind and eventually a craving started. Sans garden I went to my favorite market and bought some fresh lavender. French Lavender Lemonade is a specialty cocktail perfected by the […]

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Category: Freshness
Tag: cooking with lavender, French Lavender Lemonade, lavender flowers, lavender plants, loose leaf tea
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