To say I love Persian Saffron is a huge understatement. When a new shipment arrives, the excitement starts from the moment I open the box. I am greeted with the kiss of an aromatic flavour that suggests numerous culinary possibilities.

Have you ever had saffron flavoured rice? If your answer it no, then you haven’t lived. Sorry to say, but it’s true. The aroma of pure Persian Saffron infused with a good jasmine rice or even a regular rice (god forbid) is an experience for every foodie.

The various ways to enjoy it are continuous. Use it with stews, in pilafs, and one of my favourites, simply adding it to pan melted butter, then placing any white fish into the butter-saffron sauce. Incredible!

This month The Indulgent Foodie (moi) is offering a special promotion of the worlds most expensive spice at an introductory price of $9.99 for a cute little box of our best saffron. Indulge and enjoy!