A truffle is a very powerful delectable. I am not talking about chocolate truffles; those are not true truffles. I am talking about the found in the ground; with a trained pig; looks like fungus – type of truffle.

How do you know if you have ever had the real thing? There’s only one way to describe the experience: It Tastes Like Funky!

There is no other way to describe it. Truffles are complicated oral sensations that are composed of overlapping, complimentary, yet deep tastes.

We recently made a very decadent popcorn in honor of the Toronto Film Festival. It was a huge success and ended up in some very exclusive swag bags for the celebrities in attendance. We wanted to recreate old-style movie popcorn flavor but we ended up surpassing it. I’ve never had popcorn this good. Each mouthful leaves you yearning for the next, before you have even swallowed the first. It is totally